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Breast Augmentation by Plastic Surgeons in Columbus, Ohio

Breast Augmentation Stock ImageBreast Enlargement - Silicone & Saline Breast Implants - Breast Augmentation

Breast Enlargement Surgery or Breast Augmentation Surgery involves placement of silicone or saline breast implants by a plastic surgeon to enhance breast size or restore breast volume.  Breast Implant Surgery was the most common cosmetic plastic surgery procedure in 2006 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Numerous studies show that women having plastic surgery including breast implant surgery or breast  augmentation have heightened self-esteem and self-confidence, which is an important component to maintaining health and feeling good overall.

Breast Enlargement - Breast Augmentation - Breast Implants
Columbus, Ohio


Breast  Enlargement or Breast Augmentation can be performed with saline breast  implants or silicone gel implants.  You will want to discuss with your Columbus plastic surgeon saline vs. silicone gel implants and decide which is your better option.  There are also different surgical approaches available for placing breast implants which your plastic surgeon will discuss with you.  Together the two of you will choose the best method to achieve your perfect breast augmentation results. To make sure you have the safest and best surgical experience possible, ask the Columbus plastic surgeons you're considering about their surgical techniques, and try to talk with past breast augmentation patients if possible.

Columbus Breast Augmentation Aftercare 

Expect to be very groggy after your breast enhancement surgery. You will need to be monitored and cannot stay alone for the first 24 hours. As seen on the hit TV series Dr. 90210 and other plastic surgery reality TV shows like The Swan, more plastic surgeons and patients are realizing the significance of professional recovery care.

At Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites, we follow your plastic surgeon's post-op instructions carefully to help you have the smoothest breast augmentation recovery possible.  We follow your surgeon's medication instructions carefully and have arranged 24-hour access to a pharmacy if you need additional medications perscribed by your surgeon. We also offer leg pumps to minimize the risk of blood clots in your legs and lungs which are a rare but serious complication following any surgery.

If you are like most women, you went to great lengths to find the perfect plastic surgeon  and spent much time choosing the perfect implant size, shape & type (silicone breast implants vs. saline breast implants).  Don't overlook an equally important decision regarding your cosmetic surgery recovery! Surprisingly, many cosmetic surgery patients fail to realize the significance of planning for Breast Augmentation Aftercare until after their breast enhancment surgery. Around-the-clock pampering limits your activity and many surgeons feel it decreases the postoperative risk of seromas, hematomas and implant repositioning.  In addition, you will be very sore after surgery despite pain medication and will need help with getting comfortable. Your arms will likely be too sore and weak to prop yourself up. As our guest, rest assured we will help make you as comfortable as possible at all times.

We realize that because of arm discomfort and prescription pain medication you will not be able to drive for several days following surgery. While our guest, we are equipped to handle all your transportation needs including all postoperative check-ups.

You owe it to yourself to enjoy a few days of continuous pampering in a beautiful and relaxing  getaway retreat so that you optimally heal and get back to your daily routine quickly, refreshed and ready to enjoy your new look!

Located in downtown Columbus, we are close to your plastic surgeon's Delaware, Dublin, Powell, Upper Arlington, New Albany and Hilliard offices. Call us today @ 614-580-9395 to learn about our customized Breast Augmentation Recovery Retreat  packages.

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