Welcome to Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites LLC

Plastic Surgery Aftercare

Welcome to Plastic Surgery Aftercare
Nestled in a luxurious upscale hotel we are an all inclusive hideaway retreat for you immediately following your outpatient plastic surgery procedure. Centrally located, we are near your Columbus plastic surgeon's surgery center. Guests enjoy private transportation, private suite accommodations and continuous pampering in the days immediately following surgery. Your stay is confidential and our relaxing atmosphere promotes total mind & body relaxation in a setting unmatched by any other. 

Will I need aftercare?
Yes!  A common complaint by outpatient plastic surgery patients is that spouses or friends were not prepared to provide good recovery assistance. Busy households and hectic schedules make rest, relaxation and adherence to activity restrictions difficult. Patients without aftercare assistance may experience longer and more difficult recovery courses.  Check with your plastic surgeon today to see if outpatient plastic surgery aftercare is right for you.  Scheduling your recovery retreat is easy.  Simply call 614.580.9395.

Plastic surgery Aftercare Services
  • Private transportation
  • Private suite accommodations
  • Private hotel entrance
  • Around-the-clock assistance
  • Continuous pampering
  • Frequent checks
  • Leg pumps avalible to decrease blood clot risk
  • Healthy recovery meals 
Our Services
Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites
offers plastic surgery aftercare to those having outpatient comsetic surgery in Columbus, Ohio.  We are not a medical facility nor a  substitute for hospitalization.  However, if your plastic surgeon has determined that it would be appropriate to discharge you home after your outpatient cosmetic surgery, but you would rather not impose on friends and family for post-op assistance, we may be a     great option for you.  Cilents stay with us after outpatient facelift surgery,  eyelid surgeryliposuction surgerytummy tuck surgerybreast reduction surgerybreast enlargement - breast augmentation - breast implant surgery, and other cosmetic surgeries.  

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Important Information:  CSRS is not a substitute for medical care or hospitalization.  If you require hospitalization after your surgery, you should stay in the hospital and not with us.  So before you schedule with us, it is your responsibility to check with your plastic surgeon to determine if non-medical outpatient recovery care is appropriate for you.  It is important that you understand that you are choosing to stay with our non-medical service, rather than going home and being cared for by a friend, family member or other non-medical aquaintance.  Your medical care, at all times, and in all circumstances, remains the responsibility of your plastic surgeon who performed your surgery.  Your plastic surgeon is the only one qualified to determine the level of post-operative care needed following your procedure, including whether discharging you to a non-medical facility, such as CSRS for recovery assistance by CSRS's aftercare staff is appropriate.  Additionally, your plastic surgeon is the only party with the authority to order and perform post-operative medical treatment and he or she reserves the right, alone, at anytime to order your hospitalization, if that is the level of care you require.  If you elect to use our services you are agreeing to the fact that it is only for a matter of convenience and not for any reasons related to medical care.  Prior to scheduleing with us, all clients must sign a release/consent form which states that you have read, understand and agree to the above.  

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