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You Don't Have to be a Celebrity to get the Star Treatment

Columbus plastic surgery patients recover in style at Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites at the Hyatt™ on Capitol Square.

COLUMBUS, OH – December 12, 2007 – While studies by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reveal both acceptance (62%) and popularity of plastic surgery (up 20% since 2000) at all time highs, one thing's remained constant throughout the years–a prospective patient's fear of the unknown. In fact, ask most any plastic surgeon and they're likely to tell you that those considering Columbus plastic surgery have three primary concerns: how much time will they miss from work and the activities they enjoy; how much will surgery cost; and, how painful will recovery be? For those men and women who have serious questions regarding their recovery from a facelift, tummy tuck, liposuction or breast augmentation, Dr. Andrea Holinga has the answer – Columbus' Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites.

Dr. Holinga says five reasons compelled her to open Columbus' Plastic Surgery Recovery Spa. First, patients are unable to stay alone for the first 24-hrs following surgery and no other overnight facility in the area was specifically designed around the needs of Columbus' plastic surgery patients. Second, many families don't want the responsibility of monitoring for post-op complications, especially with the recent media attention regarding a celebrity's mother and her devastating post-operative complications. Third, plastic surgery patients are busy and successful individuals with hectic schedules and strenuous jobs that dictate exactly when the patient can take off work. A cosmetic surgery recovery facility allows patients to have surgery whenever it is convenient for them, without having to coordinate their time off with that of an equally busy family member or friend. Another important reason is that plastic surgery is a very personal decision for many people and an overnight recovery facility allows patients to keep their decision completely confidential with only their Columbus plastic surgeon knowing what procedures they had done. Finally, plastic surgery is both a luxury item and an investment and patients want to make a safe and responsible decision regarding their recovery. With the opening of Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites, Columbus' plastic surgery patients now have an overnight recovery facility were they can be closely monitored by medical professionals while avoiding exposure to communicable hospital infections and enjoy privacy, rest and a luxurious healing environment.

Located at the luxurious Hyatt™ on Capitol Square in Columbus, Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites offers patients recuperating from plastic surgery an unmatched recovery experience that combines the sophistication of a first-class MedSpa, the world-renowned services and amenities of a four-star hotel and knowledgeable staff one would normally only expect to find in a traditional hospital setting. The result? A place where patients can recover in style and safety.

"Men and women are obviously concerned with the results of their cosmetic surgery," says Dr. Andrea Holinga, "but they're also concerned with their recovery, with everything from post-operative pain to nausea. What we've done with Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites is take a professional approach to patient care, while personalizing it and placing it in a setting that does for the spirit what plastic surgery does for the body."

As the first deluxe overnight recovery facility in Columbus, Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites offers patients a truly one of a kind experience. But the experience isn't the only thing that's unique. As Dr. Holinga states, "We truly believe each patient is also unique, and so we've created different packages, personalized to the needs and the desires of the individual."

Whether a patient opts for the $399 per night Essential Retreat or the $734 per night Luxury Retreat, each will receive private transport from the surgical facility to Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites, where they will be greeted by a staff member who will personally and discretely escort them to their private recovery suite. There, the patient can recuperate in safety, comfort and style, enjoying ultra plush pillows, the softest in sheeting, thick down blankets, pillow-top mattresses, and a healthy spa menu. Of course, there's also around-the-clock nursing trained and equipped to handle a patient's every need at a moments notice.

"In the last 30 years," says Dr. Holinga, "there have been great advances in how plastic surgery is performed. Yet, how a patient recuperates after surgery – traditionally either at home or in a hospital – hasn't kept up with the incredible procedural advances. With Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites, that's not about to change; it has changed! Today, we still look after men and women like patients, but we treat them like family. And while our primary goal is to relieve the anxiety associated with the 'what-ifs' of surgery, our ultimate objective is to enhance the healing process by promoting total mind and body relaxation."

For more information about Dr. Andrea Holinga and Columbus' Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites, call 614-580-9395 or visit

About Dr. Andrea Holinga:

Dr. Andrea Holinga is a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Medicine. Prior to opening Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites, she completed a General Surgery Internship at Mount Carmel Hospitals in Columbus.

About Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites:

Located on 75 East State Street at The Hyatt on Capitol Square in Columbus, Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites is the first and only overnight plastic surgery recovery spa in the area. Owned and operated by Dr. Andrea Holinga, and staffed by a highly qualified team of experienced and caring nurses, Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites is dedicated to providing those men and women having outpatient cosmetic surgery a safe, smooth, luxurious recovery.

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