Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss Overview by Plastic Surgeons in Columbus, Ohio

Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss Stock ImageWith the growing popularity of gastric bypass surgeries and subsequent massive weight loss, plastic and reconstructive surgeons are seeing an increased demand for major body recontouring procedures. The main goal of the surgery is to remove large amounts of excess skin while making scars inconspicuous. Liposuction may be combined with any of the below procedures for optimal contouring.

Targeted procedure areas for body contouring after massive weight loss may include:

  • Abdomen
    • tummy tuck or abdominoplasty (excess skin removed and area tightened)
    • panniculectomy (excess overhanging skin removed)
    • total body lift or circumferential abdominoplasty (abdomen, back and buttocks tightened)
  • Breasts
    • breast lift or mastopexy (may include breast augmentation or breast implants)
    • breast reduction
  • Arms
    • arm lift or brachioplasty (removal of excess upper arm skin)
  • Thighs
    • thigh lift or thighplasty (removal of excess thigh skin)

How Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss is Performed

Follow our links to liposuction, tummy tuck, total body lift, breast lift, and breast reduction to learn more about these procedures. Brachioplasty may involve an incision on the inner side of the upper arms from which extra skin is removed, while thighplasty may involve an inner thigh incision from which excess skin is removed. As always, the exact technique will depend on your specific needs and your Columbus plastic surgeon. If you have experienced massive weight loss, talk to your Columbus plastic surgeon today to discuss your cosmetic surgery options.

Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss Recovery

Depending on which surgeries you undergo and the extensiveness of each procedure you will experience different recovery needs. However, count on needing extensive recovery care for several days. The first week will be the most difficult and demanding part of your recovery, but you should not plan on being back to your normal routine for at least several weeks!

Although well worth the pain and recovery time needed, this can be a very extensive surgery and you will be largely reliant on your recovery nurses. You will be hard pressed to find a prior patient who would not recommend professional recovery care during this time. Depending on the extensiveness of your surgery you may decide to stay in the hospital 24 hours after surgery to receive IV pain medication and then stay with us for the remainder of your recovery. The decision will be up to you and your physician depending on the extent of your procedure and the level of care you require.

You may have a urinary catheter and surgical drains and our experienced staff is well equipped to handle these and whatever else you may need including dressing changes, sponge bathes, meals and medication administration. Rest assured that we are well equipped to handle your individual needs and will cater your recovery to your surgeon's postoperative instructions. We are experienced and know how to get you on your way to feeling well rested, refreshed, and enjoying your new body and life!

Many scientific studies show increase stress, both physical and psychological, may delay healing and increase complications. We incorporate this knowledge into our role as caregivers by understanding the importance of your total peace of mind. Dr. Andrea Holinga understands the importance of individualized care and we take pride in the amount of personalized attention you receive as our guest. Leave your recovery up to the professionals. Contact us online or by phone today @ 614-580-9395 for more about our specialized recovery packages and to book your recovery getaway.

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