Pricing Information & Policies

For pricing, choose from our popular recovery packages. Additional charges will be applied for incidentals & any other services requested during your stay.  We will gladly quote an estimate for you based on your special needs.  Rates effective Mar. 31, 2011 & may be subject to change without notice.

Payment Forms
We accept cash, personal checks up to $200, Cashier checks for amounts over $200 & most major credit cards. 
Please make checks payable to Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites.
For our payment address, call
Please note that a $25.00 fee will be applied for bounced checks.

Financial Policy  Pre-approved credit is necessary, as is a $200 deposit at the time of booking.  Your full balance is due four weeks prior to your stay with us.  If scheduling less than four weeks in advance, your entire balance is due at booking.  Your credit card information obtained at the time of booking is kept on retainer for incidentals & additional recovery nights requested.  If you are not paying with credit card, please have an alternative form of payment with you for additional charges as your balance is due prior to discharge.

The following Incidentals are not included with post-op recovery packages and incur additional fees, unless otherwise specified, prior to your recovery stay.  Please read these carefully as you will be responsible for any addtional services requested during your stay.  

  • recovery supplies - any surgical dressing pads, Kerlix rolls, gauze pads, chuxs etc. used during your stay will be applied to your balance at discharge
  • post-op chux pads: $4 per large pad & $3 per small pad
  • toilet lift - $55
  • wedge pillow -  $55 (Due to high demand, we frequently sell out!  Requesting your wedge  pillow in advance insures we will have one in stock for you!)
  • late check out - $40/hr after 8:30 am.
  • personal shopper/gofer - $45 and up plus receipt (Fee applies for groceries, pharmacy items or ANY other specially requested item(s) that require a gofer.)
  • non-surgical guest meals - $25/lunch & $35/dinner (depending on requests, additional delivery fee & service charge may apply)
  • receipt + (tax, tip, deliver fee & service charge)
  • special request food/beverages items - reciept + (tax, tip, delivery fee & service charge)
  • prescription pick-up - $40 plus Rx co-pay
  • laundering service - $12 & up
  • additional transportation - $55 & up one-way
  • parking - $12/day
  • long-distance phone calls - FREE long-distance for 1-hr every night  
  • surgical garments - surgical bra $59, abdominal binder $45.  To insure we have the proper garment size in stock for you, please request these items in advance.
  • Lovenox injection -  $15 per administration fee which is separate from medication cost. (Note: Lovenox is a medication used by some surgeons to reduce your risk of blood clots after surgery and requires an Rx from your doctor.)
  • Fed-Ex shipping of personal items/laptop back home - $35 + shipping costs. (You will want to bring a laptop box/shipping box & address label with you.) 
  • smoking in room - $250 fine, as smoking is strictly prohibited
  • room damages - variable
  • delayed post-op transportation hourly rate - $25/hr  (Private transporation starts at $55/one-way trip.  We schedule your pick-up time to be 1-hr after your scheduled surgery end time.  Should you require additional recovery time, an hourly rate of $25/hr will be applied to your transportation costs.) 
These are some of the most common incidental fees applied at our guests requests, but additional fees for incidentals not listed here & requested during your stay may also be applied. If you have questions regarding services that are included in your package at anytime, we would be more than happy to answer these for you! Please note that these prices are subject to change at anytime without notice.

Visiting Hours  To ensure optimal rest & relaxation, visitng hours are between 
10 am - 8 pm daily.  However, should you wish to have an additional non-surgical guest spend the night, we would be happy to accommodate your request.  
A $99/night occupancy fee applies for non-surgical overnight guests.

Check-out  Check-out is 8:30 am, regardless of arrival time the prior day.  Late check-out is avalible - $40/hr after 8:30 am.

Parking Information 
Self-parking - $12 per day

Meals  Regardless of whether meals are included in your package price, we will handle all your meal requests and room service needs. In this way, we are better able to keep your costs down, monitor your safety & maintain your confidentiality

Non-Surgical Guest Meals We are more than happy to accommodate any non-surgical guest's meal & beverage requests.  Please note that tax, tip, deliver fee & service charge will be applied to any such requests and all costs will be applied to your credit card at discharge.

Smoking  We
 have a strict NO SMOKING policy.  A $250 fine for those caught smoking in their rooms.  Remember, your health and safety are our priority and smoking drastically compromises your body's ability to heal and increases your chance of wound healing complications!  Talk to your Columbus plastic surgeon for assistance with smoking cessation prior to having your plastic surgery.

Holiday Pricing Policy A flat rate of $250 will be added to the standard nightly package rates on holidays. Holidays include Christmas & New Year's Eve & Day, Memorial Day, Easter Day, Labor Day, Independence Day & Thanksgiving Day.

Extending Your Stay  Should you decide to extend your stay with us, we will happily accommodate you, as long as there is availability. Please note that the balance of your stay is due prior to leaving the hotel.

Cancellation Policy  We enforce a cancellation policy.  Regardless of when you cancel, we will withhold 5%.  If you cancel three weeks prior to your stay with us, a 50% refund will be issued.  If you paid with credit card, an additional 5% will be withheld.  NO refund is issued for all cancellations occuring without 72-hrs notice.  If hospitalized after surgery, you may postpone your stay at no additional cost.

Fee Basis 
Our fees are based on what we consider to be a fair fee range for the superior standard of individualized attention and continuous pampering that we provide. We have worked diligently to design affordable pricing packages for you. However, we refuse to cut cost at the expense of compromising your comfort. Our commitment to maintaining the highest quality of service to you allows us to set the bar high as the industry standard.

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