Transformations™ Extreme Makeover

Transformations™ is a comprehensive program specifically designed to bring experts from all areas into one arena to focus on your style, wardrobe and overall appearance. Our consultants are experts in their respective fields and are committed and passionate about helping you achieve your best aesthetic results following cosmetic surgery.

With Transformations™ you will have the following:

  • Style & Wardrobe Consultant
  • Personal Shopper
  • Hair Stylist & Consultant
  • Make-up Artist & Consultant
Your Style & Wardrobe Consultant will meet with you initially to get to know your likes, dislikes and analyze why certain cuts, styles, fabrics, patterns and colors may or may not work with your body type and skin tones. Your fashion consultant will also serve as your Personal Shopper to implement your new style objectives and help transform your once drab wardrobe into a trendy, chic and fashionable collection. Our consultants are experts at helping you achieve the fashion edge you've always wanted. Depending on your preference, your personal shopper will bring garments to you or you may choose to go shopping with her for an afternoon to learn how to buy clothes that fit your fashion objectives.

Wardrobe Analysis is also available for an additional fee and includes a home visit by your personal stylist to clean all the fashion faux pas out of your closet. This service ensures discard of your old unfashionable items and makes space for clothes complementing your new figure.

Your Hair Stylist & Consultant and Make-up Artist & Consultant will give you expert beauty tips to accentuate your best features and complement your new look after cosmetic surgery. Our consultants are some of the finest in the industry and have years of experience and training at some of the most prestigious salons. Whether your hair needs more body and fullness, a new cut and style, more vibrant color and shine or extensions our experts can help. Finally, your extreme makeover will include a professional make-up artist teaching you how to emphasize your best features so that you can recreate your new look everyday!

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